Basically, I come from Mars and my wife is Venusian which means our kids are Marnusians.  We both enjoy dry, thin, oxygen starved air with a strong tang of chlorine.

We're so sweet that the FDA will not give us their seal of approval.  We're still classified under their "Sickening" category along with Martha Steward.

We're so lovable that Bin Laden has refused to accept us as a credible threat.

Let's face it, you love the abuse and perhaps some of the pictures.  Never fear, you've come to the right place.

If  you're the serious type of human being whose sorry carcass has been sucked dry of humor and frivolity, then I suggest you click away from this site so you don't get offended.

  General discussions on the human race
          We're accepting entries on your views of society's ills.  Of course, if those views conflict with our perceptions your posting may just get trashed.

  If you wish, you can send money - any denomination...
         As a public service, we offer to apply our expertise and reduce your accumulation of currency.   This expertise has been acquired over years of careful attention to gluttony, avarice and wastefulness.

  Website picture policy
          Simple, you like it, you use it but give credit where credit is due.  For high resolution images, send a request via the "Contact Us" section of the site.

  Online shop
       Jewelry items are available for purchase.  All pieces are unique and if we deem them acceptable, the molds are destroyed.  For custom jewels, please contact the designer via supplied links.
Father's day is coming up, presents are expected - ignore at your own risk.
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