Yet more disclaimers

If you choose to look at any item on this page, you will assume the following risks:

1.  You will be guaranteed to die, pass this mortal plane, kick the proverbial bucket, etc., etc.

2.  You will get wrinkled, in some cases, ugliness will occur, you might shrink in stature and require bland foods.

3.  Any content on this page is carcinogenic.  It's been known to cause eye tumors, bad breath and in extreme cases may lead to a loss of socially acceptable behavior.

4.  By quickly moving away from this page you might preserve your sexual function.  Extended viewing of these contents has been known make penises terminally flaccid and cause vaginas to dry up and get dusty.

5.  You will be offended and I will express my inhumanity by not caring.

Links where you can waste time

  Golf Associations
US Golf Association
Northern CA Golf Association
Southern CA Golf Association
Professional Golfers Association
Ladies PGA
The Golf Warehouse
Golf Ball Wholesaler
Edwin Watts Golf
Golf Discount
Golfsmith Components
Chipshot Components
Liquid Golf

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